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Host a DODD Watch Party

If you cannot attend a DODD family event that the department broadcasts on Facebook Live, plan a watch party.

Whether you are a person with developmental disabilities, a parent wanting to network, or an organization looking for ways to build a community, try hosting a watch party for the events DODD broadcasts on Facebook Live. Watch parties help people participate in the conversation from their own communities.

Does your county board of developmental disabilities have a room you can use? Your local library may offer rooms that include audio and video equipment at no cost. Or, try inviting people into your home to watch a broadcast on a computer. Whichever way, make sure you are prepared with the proper technology.

For events like the Ohio Family Advisory Council and Ohio's Community of Practice for Supporting Families, DODD broadcasts the morning session on Facebook Live. Once the live stream ends, take the afternoon to work on a related local project or continue the discussion with your group.