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Required Pamphlet: Options for Residential Services

Created to help people understand their options around waiver services and intermediate care facilities, the Residential Options Counseling Pamphlet meets the requirement for

  • annual planning for residents of intermediate care facilities in accordance with ORC 5124.69,
  • transition planning for residents of licensed residential facilities found in OAC 5123:2-3-03,
  • information to be used by county boards for pre-admission counseling in accordance with ORC 5124.68,
  • and information to be used by county boards when responding to inquiries about residential services in accordance with ORC 5126.047.

County Board Requirements

County boards of developmental disabilities completing pre-admission counseling are required to use the “What to Expect” documents found in the For More Information section of this page in addition to the Residential Options Counseling Pamphlet.