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Assessing Your Needs

Your county board of developmental disabilities uses a few different assessment tools to get to know you, what support you might need, and what support you might be able to get from the people around you 

What to Expect from an Assessment

The person doing the assessment will contact you to set up a time and place for the interview. The person doing the assessment will ask you to talk about what a typical day is like for you, what areas you need support with, and what is working or not working for you. ​You have the right to

receive a copy of the completed assessment and assessment results.

You have the right to invite anyone that you want to come with you to help you answer the assessment questions. The assessor will listen to your answers and write them down on the assessment tool.  Most assessments are completed annually or whenever there is a significant change in someone's condition. 
You have the right to choose not to participate in the assessment, although it may affect what services you can be offered.  Some of the questions may not fit you exactly, but the assessor is required to ask everyone all of the questions on the assessment.