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Ohio's Developmental Centers

Ohio’s eight developmental centers provide temporary residential placement, offering programs that teach skills needed to live in a less intensive, community setting.

Temporary residence at a developmental center includes developing a person-centered plan for services implemented by staff trained in trauma-informed care practices.

Admission to a developmental center is for adults with developmental disabilities who are receiving services through their county board, are in crisis, and temporarily cannot be served in the community.

Referral for admission comes directly from the county board of developmental disabilities serving the county in which the person resides.

Resource coordinators work with each resident to identify the support they will need in order to experience a life of increasing capabilities and independence when leaving the center. Coordinators work with county board staff to create a network of support for residents who will transition to living in their community on their own, with family or roommates, or as a resident of an intermediate care facility.

Each resident continues to receive follow-along care for up to three years after their stay in a developmental center. Regularly scheduled check-ins that are in-person and by phone help to strengthen the network of connections needed for long-term stability and ensure timely health and safety interventions.

Each developmental center is licensed and certified as an intermediate care facility and serves people who require comprehensive medical, behavioral, and residential services.