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Basic Employment Skills Training (BEST)

In August 2018, the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities convened a diverse group of stakeholders to participate in the Payment in Adult Day and Employment Services Work Group. People with disabilities, family members/guardians, advocacy organizations, county boards of developmental disabilities, and private providers were all represented on this work group. The work group’s mission was to help support service providers in their efforts to align with state and federal regulations as they continue to transform their services, their organizations, and the lives of the people with developmental disabilities they support.

In June 2019, the work group completed its framework for aligning Vocational Habilitation service delivery with federal and state requirements, which include compliance with compensation standards. A major part of the framework is to create a new prevocational service, Basic Employment Skills Training (BEST), which will ultimately replace the current Vocational Habilitation service. The BEST service is targeted to become available October 2021. At that time, there will be no new entries into the Vocational Habilitation service.

View updated framework and talking points.

DODD is providing the resources needed for transition from the Vocational Habilitation service to the Best Employment Skills Training service. The survey was created to help DODD identify what is currently known about the BEST service and better understand the thoughts, concerns, and feelings about this upcoming transition from those who will be affected (including people receiving the current Vocational Habilitation service, their families/guardians, county boards, and private providers).

DODD will use the information obtained in the survey to create a statewide communications and education/awareness campaign to ensure your questions are answered and that timely access to needed information is available before this transition is complete.