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Technical Assistance for Youth and Families

Technical assistance, or TA, for youth ages 10 through 17 years old is available from DODD's divisions of Policy and Strategic Direction and Residential Resources to offer resources and support for youth with complex needs.

What is the Purpose of TA?

The purpose of technical assistance is to support a person with developmental disabilities and their team by providing outside perspectives and ideas to improve a person's quality of life. TA can be requested for anyone receiving county board of developmental disabilities services, and should be requested as soon as possible to allow the team to collaborate before the person is in crisis. 

Technical assistance sessions are designed to help support the young person and their family or guardian to be able to be as successful as possible in the least restrictive environment. The goal of TA is to keep the young person at home, with their family, and in their community whenever possible. The team's approach and suggestions will be centered around that goal. 

Who Is on the TA team?

The person with developmental disabilities, their family or guardian, their provider, and the county board of developmental disabilities are always requested to be part of the team. Other team members are determined by the needs of the young person.

Who Can Request TA?

TA requests can be made by anyone: families, county boards of developmental disabilities, providers, and other agencies supporting the youth. To set up a TA meeting, the request needs to be directed to the Community Resource Coordinator (CRC) in DODD's Division of Residential Resources. The TA meeting will occur within one week of the request being made.

What Happens during and after a TA Meeting?

The initial TA meeting will discuss the young person as a whole and what has been working and not working for them. The team will give their perspective on why the person has been struggling in their current community setting.  

After TA occurs, there will be a report sent to the local team within one week that includes specific recommendations the TA professionals believe could assist the person and team to be successful. The recommendations will be developed based on the information gathered by the team and observations of the person. 

After the report is sent to the local team, the Community Resource Coordinator who participated in the TA will follow up within two weeks to identify barriers to accessing the recommended suggests. They will continue to be available for future support and should be contacted as needed.