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Stay Connected with DODD

Family Advisory Council – These quarterly meetings provide a forum for DODD to hear directly from family members about the issues that affect their lives and an opportunity to learn more about DODD’s current initiatives from executive staff.

Core Group – This group of family members plans and leads FAC. Their purpose is to strengthen family collaboration, offer guidance and input to DODD, and take leadership roles during FAC meetings. New Core Group members are selected annually through an application process.

Family Organization Forum – These quarterly meetings are intended to build the channels of communication between DODD and family organizations in order to provide families with timely and accurate information.

Community of Practice for Supporting Families – These meetings, also known as COP, are a place to connect with other people who support Ohioans with disabilities and their families.

DODD Watch Parties – Watch parties are an online option for families who are unable to make the trip to meetings in-person so they can connect and network with families in their local areas.

Family Connection – Subscribe to Family Connection, DODD's monthly newsletter that helps families stay up to date with family news, information, and events. Select "subscribe" at the bottom of the page to receive the newsletter in your inbox.

DODD #FamilyTalk – This is DODD’s broadcast video series with subject matter experts about topics that are important to families. Find these on DODD's Facebook and YouTube.

“5 Things You Need to Know About” Series – This is a video series designed to provide families with succinct information about a certain topic and resources to learn more. Find the series on DODD's Facebook and YouTube.

Loop Ohio – Families can find valuable information about resources and programs designed to support families statewide and in their local communities at loopohio.org. The website also serves to link families with mentors and subject matter experts who can provide answers and insight to questions.

The DODD Family Forum and Early Childhood Forum – These Facebook groups are a place Ohio families can talk about resources, programs, and ideas that they use to successfully support someone with a disability. Search for “DODD Family Forum” and “DODD Early Childhood Forum” on Facebook. Look for #FeedbackFriday questions posted monthly in the DODD Family Forum where you can share feedback about DODD programs and services.

DODD Social Media – Follow the department on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube using @doddohio.

Questions – Contact DODD Family Outreach and Education Coordinator Steve Beha at 614-466-4085 or steven.beha@dodd.ohio.gov.