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Health and Welfare Series

Completion of all five modules of this series satisfies the annual training requirements found in OAC 5123-17-02: Addressing Major Unusual Incidents and Unusual Incidents. 

Completion of all five modules is also eligible for one Continuing Professional Developmental (CPD) unit in the areas of investigative agent, county board member, adult services, superintendent, or service and support administration.

Module 1: Review of Health and Welfare Rule

Reviews types of Unusual and Major Unusual Incidents (UI and MUI), UI logs, UI investigations, MUI reporting requirements, and signs and symptoms of abuse.

Module 2: Rule Changes and Health and Welfare Alerts

Reviews changes to 2019 health and welfare rule and 2018 Health and Welfare Alerts.

Module 3: Choking Prevention

Reviews choking risk factors, high-risk foods, food preparation, diet textures, supervision, choking prevention strategies, information for supervision staff, and how to address food-seeking behavior.

Module 4: Fall Prevention

Reviews fall risk factors and how to prevent falls.

Module 5: Immediate Actions and MUI Investigations

Reviews immediate actions, MUI administrative investigations, defining Primary Person Involved (PPI), mandatory reporters, and investigation outcomes.