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2020 Board Member Training Topics

OAC 5123:2-1-13, In-service training for members of county boards of developmental disabilities, states that board members must complete a minimum of four hours of in-service training.

The rule also states that the director will identify topics related to the developmental disabilities service delivery system to be addressed during in-service training.

DODD Director Jeff Davis supports county board superintendents in offering topics they feel would be most beneficial to their board members.

The director has also identified the following topics as beneficial information for board members.

  1. Fiscal obligations of county boards of developmental disabilities
  2. New five-year forecasting requirement
  3. DODD 2020 initiatives, including the direct support professional (DSP) wage increase, statewide individual service plan (ISP), and efforts to increase information technology (IT) efficiency

These topics and the accompanying outlines are an option superintendents may choose to use for board member training. Neither of these topics nor the outlines offered by the department are required for 2020 board member training.

Note: Training offered for credit in the areas of adult services, service and support administration (SSA), or board member training provided by a county board of developmental disabilities, the Ohio Association of County Boards of Developmental Disabilities (OACB), or the Ohio Association of Superintendents of County Boards of Developmental Disabilities may be approved by a superintendent of a county board of developmental disabilities, and does not need department approval.

The items listed below are available here.

  1. Fiscal obligations of county boards of developmental disabilities
    1. Brief presentation from DODD’s fiscal division on the essential role that local resources play in the success of Ohio’s service delivery system
  2. Five-year forecasting requirement
    1. Brief video presentation on the importance of creating a five-year forecast
    2. Detailed worksheet that can assist county board members in understanding the board’s five-year forecast
  3. DODD initiatives
    1. Video presentation from the director covering the Department’s strategic plan and large initiatives, including
      1. DSP wage increase,
      2. statewide ISP,
      3. Early Intervention,
      4. multi-system youth,
      5. increasing IT efficiency,
      6. and importance of customer experience of people and families served.
    2. One-pagers or other resources on the above initiatives, as available