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County Board Member Training

Members of county boards of developmental disabilities must complete a minimum of four hours of in-service training every year in accordance with OAC 5123:2-1-13. The rule states that the director will identify topics related to the developmental disabilities service delivery system to be addressed during in-service training. DODD Director Jeff Davis supports county board superintendents in offering topics they feel would be most beneficial to their board members.

Superintendents may choose to use the training resources for the following topics identified by the director for board member training. 

  • Fiscal obligations of county boards of developmental disabilities
  • New five-year forecasting requirement
  • DODD 2020 initiatives 

The topics and training resources offered by the department are not required to be used for 2020 board member training.

Training offered for credit in the area of board member training provided by a county board of developmental disabilities, the Ohio Association of County Boards of Developmental Disabilities (OACB), or the Ohio Association of Superintendents of County Boards of Developmental Disabilities may be approved by a superintendent of a county board of developmental disabilities, and does not need department approval.

County boards are responsible for creating a system for tracking each board member's completion of required training hours.

Fiscal Obligations of County Boards of Developmental Disabilities

Approximately 30 minutes.

DODD and county boards are funding partners for a system that serves more than 90,000 Ohioans with developmental disabilities. Of the $3.5 billion in State Fiscal Year 2021 appropriations that DODD is authorized to spend, county boards contribute about 17%, or $435 million. 

County boards not only fund services but also play important roles as service providers and administrators. It can be challenging to understand the many hats that county boards wear and the fiscal obligations that come with each role, but doing so will help board members better understand the impact of important decisions they make at the local level.

Resource to Watch 

Fiscal Obligations for County Board Members

Rules to Review

Source Rule Description
ORC 5123.047 Non-federal share that no board is required to pay
ORC 5123.048 Non-federal share agreements
ORC 5123.0410 County-to-county transfers
ORC 5123.0412 Medicaid administration and oversight fee
ORC 5123.0413 DODD rules in the event of levy failure
ORC 5123.0416 Minimum amount to be paid by DODD
ORC 5126.055 Medicaid Local Administrative Authority
ORC 5126.0510 HCBS non-federal share
ORC 5126.0511 Funds used to pay match
OAC 5123:1-5-02 Hardship rule
OAC 5160-48-01 TCM settlement methodology

Five-Year Forecasting Requirement

Approximately two hours. 

Beginning in 2020, every county board of developmental disabilities must submit a five-year projection of revenues and expenditures to DODD before April 1. 

These projections are critical to ensuring the long-term financial sustainability of the developmental disabilities service system. DODD and county boards are funding partners for a system that serves more than 90,000 Ohioans with developmental disabilities. The financial failure of any county board has the potential to produce catastrophic consequences throughout the developmental disabilities service system that ultimately impact the people served.

Resource to Watch

Five-Year Projection for County Board Members

Resource to Read 

Worksheet to Help Board Members Understand Their Board’s Financial Forecast

DODD Initiatives

Approximately one hour.

The DODD initiatives for 2020 are structured to address the people and families served by the department, to ensure the effective delivery of services, and to ensure DODD’s internal operations and technology are focused to support the developmental disabilities service system and provide service excellence.

Key initiatives are the development of the statewide Individual Service Plan, a focus on Early Intervention, support for multi-system youth, the implementation of the direct support professional wage increase, and DODD’s focus on increasing efficiency of technology.

Resource to Watch

DODD's Strategic Plan and Initiatives with Director Jeff Davis

Additional resources are available below.

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Statewide ISP

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Multi-System Youth

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Youth Respite Program Connects Families

Youth Respite Program Connects Community

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FCFC Releases MSY Action Plan

New Programs to Prevent Custody Relinquishment and Modernize Systems of Care for Multi-System Children and Youth

Early Intervention

Resource to Watch 

Introduction to Early Intervention

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Early Intervention One-Pager

Early Intervention Program Data Summary Report (State Fiscal Year 2019)