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Supporting People with DD in the Criminal Justice System Training

This presentation will provide a brief overview of the criminal justice system, MHDD Specialized Court and what supports the Cuyahoga County DD has developed to better serve people, specifically the roles of a forensic liaison and community liaison. Participants will learn about assessments, the impact on service planning, ISP development, collaboration, training and advocacy as it relates to individuals navigating the criminal justice system.

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Universal Design

Designing Accessible Homes for Everyone 

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Residential Services: Options for People with Developmental Disabilities and their Families

Steve Beha, Family Outreach and Education Coordinator and Debbie Hoffine, Deputy Director of Medicaid Development and Administration review the changes in the 2019-2020 state budget (HB 166) that help inform people with developmental disabilities and their families about the residential services that exist in our system.  Residential Recorded Webinar All 10/11/2019 View
Consolidated Planning

Getting a Seat at The Table

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  Recorded Webinar All 11/13/20 View
Guardianship Authority and How that Might Affect Entering into a Rental Lease  The speaker will explain the differences between a guardianship of the person and guardianship of the estate and how that affects a person being able to enter into a rental agreement/lease. Guardianship Recorded Webinar CB, Providers, SSA's, Families/Individuals 9/9/20 View
Overview of Abuser Registry Process

This one-hour webinar will review the Abuser Registry process and go over best practices in conducting Abuser Registry MUI investigations.  There will be sections on Abuser Registry elements and the process of placement of a name on the registry, needed documentation, coordination with other investigating entities, interviewing, and critical thinking.

Health and Safety Recorded Webinar CB, Providers, Families/Individuals 3/16/20 View
Conducting Quality UI Investigations This webinar covers how UI investigations are part of a quality improvement process, drive prevention, and lead to better outcomes for people with disabilities. Presenters include Kathy Bline, Connie McLaughlin, and Scott Phillips from DODD. Presentation Health and Safety Recorded Webinar CB,Provider 12/4/19 View
Human Trafficking: Victims with Developmental Disabilities

Description: Patricia Stephens from the Lucas County Board of Developmental Disabilities and Steve Mentrek from Bittersweet Farms Inc. lead this one hour webinar on the risk factors of people with developmental disabilities in human trafficking. This webinar is sponsored by the Governor’s Ohio Human Trafficking Task Force and the Ohio Department of Public Safety. Viewers will need to register to see the recording.

Health and Safety Recorded Webinar CB,Provider  11/13/19 View
MUI Rule Training for the Direct Support Professional This one-hour training, originally broadcast on October 15, 2019, reviews the MUI Rule, reporting requirements, and answers frequently asked questions. This recording is not eligible for continuing professional development units and does not satisfy the annual MUI and Rights training requirement for independent providers and agency employees. Presentation Health and Safety Recorded Webinar All 10/15/19 View
Unanticipated Hospitalizations Webinar This webinar, originally broadcast on October 11, 2019, covers the elements required when conducting Unanticipated Hospitalization investigations. The webinar covers how to conduct the investigation, utilizing supporting documentation, composing the report, and identifying causes and contributing factors so the team can develop a prevention plan that reduces re-admissions. Presentation Health and Safety Recorded Webinar Provider, CB (IA/SSA) 10/11/19 View
Suicide Prevention for Individuals with Autism

This 1 hour webinar as we discuss the prevalence of suicide for individuals with autism. We will explore current screening methods, risk factors,  preventative measures and resources. Our presenters will include Dr. Brittany Myers of Metro Health Medical Center and Dr. Jacquie Wynn of Nationwide Children's Hospital. Presentation

Health and Safety Recorded Webinar All 8/1/19 View

imagineIS July What’s New Webinar

The July 1, 2019 imagineIS What’s New webinar focuses on the items released into Production June 27, 2019 including enhancements to Dashboards, the Individual’s Front Page, Outcomes, Service Summaries, Essential Health (including Medications), the Assessment Center and other new and helpful features.  Specific topics include: updates to information provided on Circle of Support Contacts and Medication views, as well as Notifications/Alerts for Supervisors, SSAs, Finance Managers and Budget Support Specialists.  A new Comprehensive Outcome Report has been added, fetching is now easier for Outcome-based Services, and new sub-categories are available for Assistive Technology Services.  Finally, the Self-Medication Assessment has been updated with new Assessment Types, enhanced Assessment management and additional Assessment reports.

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Using Communication and Sensory Strategies to Reduce Incidents for individuals with ASD

The training provides communication and sensory strategies when interviewing, identifying cause and contributing factors, prevention planning of incidents with resources to share with teams. Presentation

Health & Welfare Recorded Webinar C,P,I&F 5/28/19 View