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Background Check: ARCS

To ensure the health and safety of people with developmental disabilities served by DODD, by county boards of developmental disabilities, and by direct service providers and provider agencies, each of these organizations are required to regularly to conduct background investigations of their employees.

Automated Registry Check System

The Automated Registry Check System is often called ARCS for short. ARCS makes conducting background investigations easier by checking all six required registries at once, rather than searching six different websites. ARCS checks the following registries:

  1. Excluded Parties List System, from the U.S. General Services Administration
  2. List of Excluded Individuals and Entities, from the U.S. Office of Inspector General
  3. Ohio Sex Offender and Child Victim Database, from the Ohio Attorney General's Office
  4. DODD Abuser Registry Verification, from the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities
  5. Ohio Nurse Aide Registry, from the Ohio Department of Health
  6. ODRC Inmates Database, from the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction

Steps for accessing ARCS

1.  Update your provider information in MITS

Make sure your Medicaid provider information is up to date in the Medicaid Information Technology System (MITS) portal, including your contact name and email address.

If your organization has a Medicaid provider number, you will already have an account. 

The easiest way to update your account is to have your MITS administrator (usually your fiscal or billing person who handles claims) update the provider information by following the instructions in the Automated Registry Check System User Guide.

2. Send an email to ARCS 

Send an email to the ARCS help desk at ARCS.Support@Medicaid.Ohio.gov notifying them that you have updated your information, and provide them with the name of your agency and your agency's Medicaid provider number. 

The ARCS help desk will verify that there is an email address and contact name in MITS, and that the Medicaid number provided is assigned to your agency. It also will confirm that your agency is an agency that is able to use ARCS.

When verified, the ARCS help desk will import your contact information from MITS to ARCS.  

3. Look for an email from the ARCS help desk

If you have not provided a contact name and email address in MITS, or the agency name and Medicaid provider number do not match, you will receive an email from the ARCS help desk notifying you of this so you can update your information. 

If you have provided a contact name and email address in MITS, and the Medicaid number and agency name match, you will receive the welcome to ARCS email. This email will go to the contact person and email address set up in MITS.

If you have completed the steps above and do not receive the welcome to ARCS email, contact the ARCS help desk at ARCS.Support@Medicaid.Ohio.gov.

4. Set up your ARCS account

Login to ARCS and set up your account. From here, you can change your email address in ARCS.