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Health and Welfare Alerts

Ohio Administrative Code 5123-17-02 requires all developmental disabilities employees to review Health and Welfare Alerts released by DODD as part of annual training. 

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2018-2019 Health and Welfare Alerts

Suicide Prevention, September 2019, #65-09-19

Transportation, Wheelchair Safety, July 2019, #62-07-19

Summer Safety, June 2019, #02-06-19

Staying Safe on Social Media, May 2019, #64-05-19

Scheduling Preventative Care, February 2019, #61-02-19

Preventing Flu and Pneumonia, November 2018, #31-12-18

Unscheduled Hospitalizations, September 2018, #63-09-18

Seizure Management, July 2018, #53-07-18

Preventing Choking, April 2018, #18-04-18

Signs of Abuse, February 2018, #22-02-18