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HSD/GED Waiver Requests

Providers may request a waiver of the HSD/GED requirement for individual applicants or may request an Agency Waiver of this requirement.

Agency Waivers of the High School Diploma/GED Requirement

New Option for Agency Waivers of the High School Diploma/GED Requirement

Beginning May 1, DODD will make available an option for agencies to obtain an agency waiver of the high school diploma/GED requirement from DODD.  DSPs will be permitted to work for two years under an agency waiver and the agency must track all DSPs working under the agency waiver to ensure adherence to the two-year timeframe.   DSPs are required to obtain a GED or high school diploma within the two-year time period.

Agencies requesting an agency waiver must complete a request form and submit it to DODD for approval at Diploma-GEDWaiver@dodd.ohio.gov.  As a part of the request for an agency waiver, agencies will also be required to:

  • Submit a description of the agency’s internal compliance system to ensure employees are not working for more than two years without a HSD/ GED
  • Attest that the agency will ensure the employee is not certified to administer medications before allowing the employee to work under the agency waiver.
  • Attest that employees will not administer medication without a HSD/ GED.

Agencies with an agency HSD/GED waiver cannot:

  • Extend an employee’s waiver past two years; requests for an extension must be submitted to DODD
  • Grant non-expiring waivers; non-expiring waivers will only be granted by DODD

High School Diploma/GED Waiver Request

Effective March 1, 2021, OSSAS will make the following changes to the process for granting High School Diploma (HSD)/GED rule waivers to agency providers: 

  • Initial HSD/GED waivers will be issued for a two-year period. The employee must meet the educational requirement by the end of the two-year period. 

  • A one-year renewal may be available if extenuating circumstances prevented the DSP from obtaining their HSD or GED during the two-year period. 

  • There will be a new option to receive a non-expiring HSD/GED waiver if the DSP meets one of the following criteria: 

  • The DSP is over 50 years old; 

  • The DSP will only provide services to family members; or  

  • The DSP will only provide transportation services 

  • HSD/GED waivers issued prior to March 1, 2021 to individuals who do not meet the requirements for a non-expiring waiver will be renewed for a two-year period to allow the DSP to obtain their HSD or GED.  

  • To request a HSD/GED waiver, fill out the HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA/GED WAIVER REQUEST form completely and return to DODD via email at this address: Diploma-GEDWaiver@dodd.ohio.gov