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Office of System Support and Standards

The Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities’ (DODD) former Office of Provider Standards and Review (OPSR) has been renamed the Office of System Support and Standards (OSSAS).

The objective of this office is to enhance the culture of service coordination to support people in a person-driven manner. In addition to continuing regulatory reviews, OSSAS will be focusing on provider support and service coordination supports, and the development of a single statewide assessment and individual service plan (ISP).

The office’s scope includes functions related to the roles of service and support administrators (SSA), Qualified Intellectual Disability Professionals (QIDP), and those who supervise them. All statewide OSSAS review specialists will continue to complete regulatory reviews as well as assist with provider and service coordination supports.

Compliance reviews ensure standards for services that comply with requirements of state and federal regulation to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of the people who participate in DODD programs. They are conducted by DODD or county board of developmental disabilities staff.

DODD's Office of System Support and Standards conducts compliance reviews in licensed waiver funded settings, unlicensed waiver-funded settings, licensed intermediate care facilities, and at county boards of developmental disabilities. In order to ensure consistency, the review process and tools used are the same in all settings.

Compliance reviews are regularly scheduled with providers and are conducted prior to the end of the term of the provider’s license, or at least once every five years for non-licensed waiver settings. The review is conducted using a single review tool.

Special compliance reviews are unscheduled reviews, occurring when a concern, complaint, a report of fraud or a pattern of Major Unusual Incidents are identified.

Or they may be conducted when adverse outcomes are identified by other entities, such as the Ohio Department of Health or the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services.

OSSAS Team Roles and Members

  • Regulatory
    • Julie Gregg, Provider Compliance and Licensure
    • Vanessa Prather, Provider Compliance and Licensure
    • Kristi Williams, Provider Compliance and Licensure
    • Lisa Burt, Accreditation
    • Theresa Ryan, Sanctions
  • Provider Supports
    • Angel Morgan
    • Ann Weisent
  • Service Coordination Supports
    • Lisa Ahlersmeyer
    • Beth Chambers
    • Heidi Davidson

Kelly Ferenbaugh has transitioned to OSSAS to focus on facilitating the process of developing the single service plan. She will work closely with each of the previously mentioned groups.

Provider Support Team

As part of the OSSAS reorganization, a group of department staff will be working together to support providers and direct support professionals (DSPs). 

Angel Morgan will focus on provider on-boarding and development. Formally serving as the provider certification manager at DODD, Angel will use her knowledge of the provider certification process to identify ways to support people who are interested in becoming providers. The goal is to develop a provider on-boarding process that supports newly certified providers to deliver quality services from the start and be better prepared to work in the DODD system. Angel will also lead efforts to create a system for the professional credentialing of DSPs. Contact Angel at angel.morgan@dodd.ohio.gov.

Ann Weisent, provider liaison for DODD, will be the single point of contact on the Provider Support Team for providers who are actively providing services. In this role, she will work to provide technical assistance to providers as needs are identified and support providers who may be at risk. Additionally, Ann will be the initial point of contact for all licensure development conversations, allowing her to assist providers through the development application submission process. Ann will also continue to coordinate the intermediate care facilities licensure reviews conducted by the Ohio Department of Health. Contact Ann Weisent at ann.weisent@dodd.ohio.gov.

The team will be working with county boards and providers across the state to facilitate the expansion of existing local provider support functions through the creation of a statewide provider support network.