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Heart Health Awareness Resources

Remember self-care is not selfish. Heart disease is a leading cause of death in the United States, causing one in four deaths each year. But there’s a lot you can do to live a heart-healthy life. Taking small steps towards eating healthy, reducing your stress, managing your weight and moving more are all ways to reduce your risks and improve your heart health. Check out these tips for 7 days of self-care.

#Self-Care Sunday-create your self-care checklist for the week

#Mindful Monday-know your blood pressure numbers and other heart stats

#Tasty Tuesdays-Try a tasty, heart-healthy recipe

#Wellness Wednesday-Put your heart into a wellness routine

#Treat Your Self Thursdays- Treat your heart to some relaxation and fun

#Follow Fridays-Share who inspires you to show your heart more love

#Selfie Saturday-Post your favorite way to take care of your heart


Utilize these helpful resources to support you and those you care for live heart smart. 

National Heart, Blood and Lung Institute

28 Days to a Healthy Heart

University of Cincinnati Center for Excellence in DD Healthy Living

Easy Heart Healthy Recipes-American Heart Association

Healthy Eating and Staying Active for Advocates Video

University of Southern Florida Heart Health Fact Sheet