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N-95 Masks and Sterilization Resources

To assist providers supporting people with developmental disabilities during this critical level of the pandemic, DODD has collaborated with our state partners to order NIOSH approved one size fits all N-95 masks, which can be repurposed up to 20 times using N-95 sterilization resources.

What Type: N-95 Masks - One Size Fits All. 3M™ Aura™ Particulate Respirator, NIOSH approved and FDA cleared.

For Whom: ICF provider facility staff and residents.

How Many: Almost 200,000 for statewide distribution. These masks will be delivered in cases of 440 masks/case. Each ICF agency allotment of N95 masks has been determined using a similar formula used when DODD recently distributed the Binax Test Kits.

How to Receive: DODD will direct ship to the agency’s dedicated contact. DODD has already followed-up with each agency to verify contact and delivery information.

Highly Recommended and Encouraged: Mask Sterilization Services

  • Battelle - Provides up to 20 sterilizations per mask. Battelle has confirmed that ICF agencies can sign up for the mask sterilization services by contacting Battelle’s CCDS Customer Service Department at ccdscustomerservice@battelle.org or 614-424-4373.
  • Steris Healthcare provides up to 10 sterilizations per mask. No direct contact is provided. Navigate to the Steris Healthcare website. The website requires entry of a zip code to find the appropriate STERIS representative in your area.

What About Fitting: Here are a few resources regarding masks/fit testing: 

Understanding Compliance with OSHA’s Respiratory Protection

Qualitative Fit Test Instructions

Fit Testing During Emerging Infectious Disease Outbreaks

Cost: There is no cost for the supply of N-95 masks. Battelle charges a nominal fee for mask sterilization services.  Masks can be sterilized up to twenty times for reuse.

When: DODD has submitted the order and expects supplies to start arriving in early December. A day before delivery, a notice will be sent to the ICF agency’s dedicated point of contact notifying them that the allotment is being prepared for delivery. ICF agencies can expect to receive the allotment between 2-4 business days from the date of the notice.