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Update: Monthly Rate Calculator

The Monthly Rate Calculator (MRC) has been updated to allow for people with disabilities to have a zero cost associated with their waiver services per month when necessary. Staffing patterns on the Homemaker/Personal Care (HPC) calendar and the person's unscheduled services for HPC can be updated to reflect no service(s) when a person is out of the home for an extended period of time that is not associated with an intermediate care facility (ICF) or developmental center (DC) admission, nursing facility admission, or death.

The change will allow for a person's information to still remain part of the site and not require the person's information to be moved out to account for the time they are not receiving services. The change also allows a two-person MRC site to remain an MRC site and still exempt from Electronic Verification Visit (EVV) when one of the people is out for an extended stay and remains a resident of the home.

Zero costs in MRC will also allow for non-billable days to be selected for an entire month if a person is admitted temporarily to a short-term stay at a nursing facility, ICF, or DC.

The ability to make adjustments in scheduled/unscheduled staffing patterns to permit non-billable days to be selected for an entire month allows for the distribution of those staff hours being provided in that setting, to be assigned to those people remaining in the home. The provider will still receive reimbursement for the staff hours provided, but the reimbursement will come from those people's waivers that are directly benefiting from the staffing provided in the residence.

MRC providers need to remember to select the "month complete" box at the end of each month to ensure that the Daily Billing Unit (DBU) is accurately reflecting when utilization is above, within, or below 3 percent.

If you have any additional questions, contact Medicaid Services System (MSS) support at msssupport@dodd.ohio.gov.