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New Annual Training Available for Human Rights Committee Members

Human Rights Committee members can choose one (or more) of the following 11 DODD-approved webinars or training modules that they have not previously viewed for annual training:  

  • Anxiety and ID: Creative Strategies to Help Reduce the Symptoms and Challenging Behaviors Related to Anxiety (1/18/19)
  • Part 2: Sensory Strategies for All Ages (11/16/18)
  • Creative Ways to Support Symptoms of Anxiety: The Wellness Project (11/16/18)
  • Living with Prader-Willi Syndrome (10/25/18)
  • Borderline Personality Disorder and ID (10/25/18)
  • Recognizing and Responding to Trauma (webinar, published 4/13/16)
  • Impact of Trauma with DD (webinar, published 6/15/16)
  • Working with Sex Offenders with DD (webinar, published 3/5/15) 
  • Medical Restraint and the BSS Rule (webinar, published 11/9/15)
  • The Role of the Guardian (webinar, published 5/1/15)
  • Behavioral Support Strategies that Include Restrictive Measures (training module) (Log in to DODD MyLearning using the person icon at the top of the screen.)
The webinars are available in the Web-Based Training Catalog, located on the Training page of the DODD website. The Behavioral Support Strategies that Include Restrictive Measures training module is available on DODD MyLearning.

The county board of developmental disabilities or intermediate care facility (or designee) will be responsible for obtaining the documentation required to show attendance, agenda, etc., and for keeping this for internal records and for compliance purposes.

For questions, please contact

Kim Mayne, Southeast regional liaison, Kim.Mayne@dodd.ohio.gov

Beth Boyle, Northwest regional liaison, Elizabeth.Boyle@dodd.ohio.gov

Matt Bavlnka, Southwest regional liaison, Matthew.Bavlnka@dodd.ohio.gov

Heather Leffler, Northeast regional liaison, Heather.Leffler@dodd.ohio.gov

Heidi Davidson, Office of System Support and Standards review manager, Heidi.Davidson@dodd.ohio.gov