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Waiver Comparison

Services listed in your service plan might be things like someone to help you cook, someone that helps you get around, or someone that drives you to work. One way to pay for those services is with a waiver.

DODD has three kinds of waivers that can pay for services for people who need them. 

Level One Waiver

The Level One Waiver is a good fit for people who do not need a lot of paid staff to provide services. Usually people using a Level One Waiver only need help with a few things, or they have people who can help them with some of the things they need, like cooking meals, taking showers, or driving places.

Individual Options Waiver

This waiver is often called the IO Waiver for short. The IO Waiver is a good fit for people who may need a lot of help in their home. It can also be a good fit for people who need many different kinds of services. 

Self-Empowered Life Funding Waiver

This waiver is usually called the SELF Waiver. It is good fit for people who want to be in charge of some of their services. If you have a SELF Waiver, then you can be in charge of hiring and training the people that provide services to you. You can manage your budget for the services you want.