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SELF Waiver

The Self-Empowered Life Funding Waiver is usually called the SELF Waiver for short. The SELF Waiver is good fit for people who want to be in charge of some of their services. If you have a SELF Waiver, you can be in charge of hiring and training the people who provide your services. You can manage your budget for the services you want.

Available Services 

Waiver services are incorporated into each person’s service plan based on the needs identified in their assessment.

These services are available through the SELF Waiver. Click each to learn more. 

Participant-Directed Goods and Services Adult Day Support
Participant-Directed Homemaker/Personal Care  Vocational Habilitation
Remote Support Career Planning
Support Brokerage Individual Employment Support
Community  and Residential Respite Clinical/Therapeutic Intervention
Non-Medical Transportation Participant/Family Stability Assistance
Transportation Group Employment Support
Functional Behavioral Assessment Self-Directed Transportation
Assistive Technology Home Delivered Meals


 The SELF Waiver is for people with developmental disabilities who

  • are eligible for Medicaid,
  • have a developmental disabilities level of care,
  • need at least one SELF Waiver service, 
  • can be healthy and safe while using the SELF Waiver,
  • and are able to manage money in a budget, manage their support staff for at least one waiver service, or can choose someone to do these things for them.

There is no age requirement. 

Unlike the Level One and Individual Options waivers, the SELF Waiver requires the person enrolled in the waiver or someone they choose to direct at least one of their services.

Funding Limits 

Listed in each person’s service plan are the start and end dates for a waiver, or the waiver span. Waiver spans are usually 12 months long.

The SELF Waiver has a limited amount of money you can spend on needed services in a waiver span. For adults, the limit for services is $45,000 in each waiver span. For children, the limit for services is $30,000 in each waiver span.

Some services have specific funding limits.

  • Within 12 months, Support Brokerage costs cannot be more than $8,000 of the total funding available in a waiver span.
  • Through the SELF Waiver, you are eligible for one Functional Behavioral Assessment. It cannot cost more than $1,500.

Funding limits for Adult Day Supports, Career Planing, Group Employment Support, Individual Employment Support, and Vocational Habilitation are calculated for each person when they complete the Acuity Assessment Instrument.


Participant-direction is a requirement of the SELF Waiver. The person enrolled or a representative they choose must be willing and able to direct at least one service. Learn more about participant-directed services.