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Available for people using Individual Options or Level One waivers

Specialized Medical Equipment and Supplies

Specialized Medical Equipment and Supplies provides devices, controls, appliances, or other items that support the person receiving the service to accomplish daily living activities or to communicate. This service also helps buy items necessary for life support and the supplies and equipment necessary for upkeep. 

A person can buy equipment used for a longer period of time, called durable equipment, such as shower chairs or walkers, or disposable supplies called non-durable equipment, such as wipes or testing strips.

When to Apply this Service

The person’s service and support administrator, or SSA, will assess them for a need for Specialized Medical Equipment and Supplies. If there is a need, the SSA will include it in the person’s individual service plan.

Specialized Medical Equipment and Supplies must be for the direct medical or remedial benefit of the person. The service may pay for durable and non-durable equipment when it is not available through the Ohio Medicaid State Plan or through the Assistive Technology service. 

The maximum payment rate for Specialized Medical Equipment and Supplies is $10,000. 

Providing this Service

Agency and independent providers that have a Medicaid provider agreement and are DODD-certified can provide this service.

This service is provided on a one-on-one basis.

Providers of specialized medical equipment and supplies must 

  • ensure proper installation if needed, 
  • provide training on using the equipment to the person, their family, service providers and others who may need it,
  • properly maintain any rented equipment, and
  • assume full liability for equipment improperly installed or maintained.

Training Requirements for this Service

After initial provider certification and annual training requirements, there are no additional training requirements needed to provide this service.

Billing and Payment Information

All services must be delivered as specified in the individual service plan and authorized in Payment Authorization for Waiver Services, known as PAWS, to be successfully submitted for payment through eMBS.

Rates and limits for Specialized Medical Equipment and Supplies are contained in the service rule's appendix.