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Available for people using Individual Options or Level One waivers

Homemaker/Personal Care

Homemaker/Personal Care, often called HPC, supports a person to be more independent while meeting their daily living needs.  Homemaker/personal care advances the individual’s independence within his/her home and community and helps the individual meet daily living needs.  Examples of supports include:

  •  Self Advocacy training to assist the expression of personal preferences, asserting rights, and making increasingly responsible choices,
  •  Self-Direction making decisions and choices affecting the individual’s life,, Daily Living Skills including training in and providing assistance with meal preparation, personal care, self-administration of medication,
  •  Implementation of recommended therapeutic interventions under the direction of a professional or extension of therapeutic services, which consist of reinforcing physical, occupational, speech, and other therapeutic programs, Behavioral support strategies including training and assistance in appropriate expressions of emotions, assertiveness, or acquisition of socially-appropriate behaviors,
  •  Medical and health care services such as routine administration of medication or tending to the needs of individuals who are ill or require attention to the medical needs on an ongoing basis
  • Emergency response training including development of responses in case of emergencies, prevention planning, and training in the use of equipment or technologies,
  • Community access services that explore community services available to all people, and activities needed by the individual to be integrated in and have more access to the community,
  • When provided with other components of homemaker/personal care, assist with personal finances.

When to Apply this Service

The person’s service and support administrator, or SSA, will assess them for a need for Homemaker/Personal Care. If there is a need, the SSA will include it in the person’s individual service plan.

Providing this Service

Agency and independent providers that have a Medicaid provider agreement and are DODD-certified can provide this service.

HPC can be provided as one-one-one or as a group service. The provider may extend services to those times when the person is not physically present, performing homemaker activities on behalf of the person.

HPC cannot be provided at the same time as

  • Money Management,
  • Residential Respite,
  • Adult Day Support,
  • Group Employment Support,
  • Individual Employment Support,
  • Vocational Habilitation,
  •  Homemaker/personal care cannot be provided by the driver during the same time non-medical transportation at the per trip rate is delivered

Homemaker/Personal Care services cannot be provided by a county board of developmental disabilities or a regional council of governments.

Training Requirements for this Service

After initial provider certification and completing annual training requirements, the following is required to provide this service.

Agency providers must provide their direct service staff on-the-job training specific to each person they serve. This training should include 

  • what is important to and important for the person,
  • and the person's support needs, including behavioral support strategy, management of the person's funds, and medication administration or delegated nursing.

Billing and Payment Information

All services must be delivered as specified in the individual service plan and authorized in Payment Authorization for Waiver Services, known as PAWS, to be successfully submitted for payment through eMBS.

Rates and limits for Homemaker/Personal Care are contained in the service rule's appendix for Individual Options and Level One waivers, and in the service rule's appendix for people who share services and use the Individual Options Waiver.

The Competency-Based Training and Longevity Add-on adds $0.39 per fifteen-minute unit, to the regular reimbursement rate for routine Homemaker/Personal Care services.

Providers can only bill at this higher rate for routine Homemaker/Personal Care provided by eligible direct service providers. The add-on does not apply to On-site/On-call, Participant-Directed Homemaker/Personal Care or any service other than routine Homemaker/Personal Care.