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Competency-Based Training and Longevity Add-On

An add-on rate is an amount added on to the regular rate of reimbursement available for certain services.

The Competency-Based Training and Longevity Add-On adds $0.39 per 15-minute unit to the regular reimbursement rate for routine Homemaker/Personal Care, or HPC services.

Direct support professionals interested in obtaining the add-on rate must meet the following conditions to be eligible:

  • two years of paid full-time or equivalent experience providing support to people with developmental disabilities,
  • and completion of 60 hours of applicable training.

The department has made more than 170 hours of applicable online training available through DirectCourse. DODD has developed a process to enable DSPs to take more training that can be counted toward the competency-based add-on. To learn about how to apply for a training to be approved for the competency-based add-on, visit here.  

The add-on is only applied when eligible direct service professionals provide routine HPC. The add-on does not apply to On-Site/On-Call, Participant-Directed Homemaker/Personal Care or any service other than routine HPC.

Proof of Experience

Independent Providers

Independent providers who wish to apply for the Competency-Based Training and Longevity Add-On must submit proof of their experience providing services. This can including services they provided previously as staff of a provider agency. Fill in the Employment Experience form and submit it for review using DODD's Provider Services Management, known as PSM.

Provider Agency Staff

Employees of a provider agency must submit proof of experience to their employer, in a manner prescribed by the employer, before the add-on can be applied. The agency will review these documents and verify two years of work experience.

The agency may use the department’s Employment Experience Form for Agencies or develop one of their own. The form is for agency records only. Agency employers should verify employment based on their typical procedures and may request reference letters or other forms of verification for the employment listed on this form. The Employment Experience form does not need to be submitted to DODD.

Proof of Training 

Using DirectCourse

A transcript of courses successfully completed is available through DirectCourse. After logging in to DirectCourse, learners can find a link to their transcript on the homepage or by using instructions provided by the department available in the "For more information" section.

The DirectCourse transcript shows all of the courses a learner has taken and totals the contact hours for each course successfully completed. Courses are marked as complete when the learner passes the course with a grade of 80 percent or higher.

Total Contact Hours indicates the total hours the learner has successfully completed, reflecting only the hours completed with an 80 percent or higher. All of the contact hours completed in DirectCourse apply toward the add-on.

Independent providers must submit proof of having successfully completed training through PSM, including course certificates or transcripts. 

Staff of provider agencies will submit verification of courses completed to their agency employer for review.