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2022 County Board Member Training

Per OAC 5123-4-03, members of county boards of developmental disabilities must complete a minimum of four hours of in-service training every year. 
DODD Director Kim Hauck has identified these topics for 2022 County Board Member Training. 

  • Statewide Updates from Director Kim Hauck
  • Multi-System Youth (MSY) Initiatives and OhioRISE
  • Technology First Initiatives
  • County Board Role in Eligibility Appeals Process
  • Five-Year Forecasting Requirement

Training resources developed by DODD for the above topics are included on this page below. The topics and training resources offered by the department are not required to be used for board member training. DODD supports county board superintendents in offering topics they feel would be most beneficial to their board members. 

County boards are responsible for creating a system for tracking each board member's completion of required training hours. 

Statewide Updates from Director Kim Hauck    

Approximately 15 minutes.

Director Kim Hauck provides statewide updates.

Resources to Watch

Statewide Updates from Director Kim Hauck

Multi-System Youth (MSY) Initiatives and OhioRISE

Totals approximately 20 minutes.

Multi-system youth refers to children, teenagers, and young adults who have intensive and complex needs that cannot be met by a single state agency. Multi-system youth have two or more significant challenges, including developmental disabilities, mental illness, drug or alcohol addiction, or severe trauma. Supporting multi-system youth and their families is only possible through the cooperation between families, state and community agencies, educators, providers, and county boards.

Resources to Watch

Updates from Cross-Systems Initiatives Manager Tina Evans (6 mins) 

OhioRISE | Resilience through Integrated Systems and Excellence (4 mins) 

Resources to Read

OhioRISE Website

OhioRISE Care Management Entities (CMEs)

Technology First Initiatives

Totals approximately 125 minutes.

Resources to Watch

Updates from Employment and Community Life Lead Stacy Collins (10 mins)

Director’s Message regarding Technology First (5 mins)

DODD LADD Podcast (27 mins)

DODD YouTube Assistive Technology Videos (Playlist, 12 videos, approximately 30 mins)

Technology for Healthy Living (60 mins)

Resources to Read

Technology First Timeline

Supportive Technology: Assistive Technology and Remote Support Service

Assistive Technology and Virtual Home Walk-Through

Ohio Tech Ambassador Website

County Board Role in Eligibility Appeals Process

Approximately 25 minutes.

County board members play an important role in resolving complaints and appeals involving county boards of developmental disabilities.

Resources to Watch

County Board Member Role in Resolving Complaints and Eligibility Denials (9 mins)

Resources to Read

OAC 5123-4-04

Five-Year Forecasting Requirement

Totals approximately 60 minutes.

County boards of developmental disabilities must submit a five-year projection of revenues and expenditures to DODD before April 1. 

These projections are critical to ensuring the long-term financial sustainability of the developmental disabilities service system. DODD and county boards are funding partners for a system that serves more than 90,000 Ohioans with developmental disabilities. The financial failure of any county board has the potential to produce catastrophic consequences throughout the developmental disabilities service system that ultimately impact the people served.    

Resources to Watch

Five-Year Projection for County Board Members (2 mins)

Resources to Read

Worksheet to Help Board Members Understand Their Board’s Financial Forecast