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2021 County Board Member Training

DODD Director Jeff Davis has identified these topics for 2021 County Board Member Training. 

  • Statewide Updates
  • Ohio Individual Service Plan (OISP)
  • Multi-System Youth (MSY)
  • County Board Cost Reports
  • Community Integration

Training resources developed by DODD for the above topics are included on this page. The topics and training resources offered by the department are not required to be used for board member training.

Other topics for county board member in-service training include, but are not limited to:

  • Medicaid waivers
  • Support for specific diagnoses such as Autism or Down syndrome
  • Direct support professionals (DSPs)
  • Self-Advocacy efforts
  • Financial topics including budging and fiscal accountability and budgeting
  • Housing
  • Early Intervention services including Child Find
  • Employment First initiative
  • Local trends

Training provided on these topics by a county board of developmental disabilities, the Ohio Association of County Boards of Developmental Disabilities (OACB), or the Ohio Association of Superintendents of County Boards of Developmental Disabilities may be approved by a superintendent of a county board of developmental disabilities and does not need department approval. County boards are responsible for creating a system for tracking each board member's completion of required training hours.

County boards are responsible for creating a system for tracking each board member's completion of required training hours.

Director Davis Statewide Updates    

Approximately 40 minutes.

Director Jeff Davis provides updates on DODD’s strategic plan.

Resources to Watch

DODD Strategic Plan with Director Davis 

Ohio Individual Service Plan (OISP)

Totals approximately 45 minutes.

DODD and partners have been developing a single assessment and Individual Service Plan (ISP) template to be used with people receiving developmental disabilities services in Ohio.

Resources to Watch

OISP Overview Part 1 (14 minutes)

OISP Overview Part 2 (29 minutes)

Multi-System Youth (MSY)

Totals approximately 150 minutes.

Multi-system youth refers to children, teenagers, and young adults who have intensive and complex needs that cannot be met by a single state agency. Multi-system youth have two or more significant challenges, including developmental disabilities, mental illness, drug or alcohol addiction, or severe trauma. Supporting multi-system youth and their families is only possible through the cooperation between families, state and community agencies, educators, providers, and county boards. 

Resources to Watch

Supporting Youth with Intensive and Complex Needs (Playlist, six videos, approximately 90 minutes)

5 Things to Know: Trauma-Informed Care (5 minutes)

Growing Family Resilience (approximately 45 minutes)

Resources to Read

OhioRISE (Resilience through Integrated Systems and Excellence)

Strong Families, Safe Communities Project

County Board Cost Reports

Approximately 15 minutes.

Each county board and regional council of government (COG) files an annual cost report detailing the board’s income and expenditures with DODD. Review the basics of cost reports.

Resources to Watch

Module 1 of Introduction the County Board Cost Report *Requires an OH|ID account* 

Community Integration

Totals approximately 40 minutes.

Community integration is a philosophy and strategy of planning and service delivery that focuses on supporting people with disabilities to live, work, and thrive in their communities, just like people without disabilities. Historically, people with developmental disabilities have often been segregated in facility-based programs that can be obstacles to community connection. The philosophy of community integration strives to foreground inclusion in community life so that people with developmental disabilities have opportunities to contribute and belong. Community integration is also a mandate from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), concerning Home and Community Based Services. To help make this happen, DODD supports county boards and providers to transform the way they plan, authorize, and provide supports, with outcomes focused on community membership and valued social roles. Two main DODD initiatives that emphasize community integration are Employment First and Technology First. Both highlight the necessity of considering community-based supports first before linking up to other types of services.        

Resources to Watch

DODD MyLearning Community Integration online course *Requires an OH|ID account* (approximately 15 minutes)

Wes's Story (4 minutes)

Technology and Working: What Bluetooth Headphones Did for This Employee (1 minute)

Resources to Read

Home and Community Based Services Waiver Settings 

Systems Transformation

Ohio Employment First

Ohio Technology First