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Franchise Permit Fee

Approval of the Fiscal Year 2020-21 budget resulted in statutory changes to Ohio Revised Code 5168.61, which outlines the franchise permit fee process for intermediate care facilities (ICFs). Included in these changes is an increase to the franchise fee from $18.02 to $23.95 for FY20, and $24.89 for FY21. The increased reimbursement rate of $23.95 for FY20 is included in the ICF rate beginning July 1, 2019.

The fee assessment methodology has also been updated. Franchise permit fees, previously assessed based on the Medicaid-certified bed capacity, will now be assessed based on inpatient days reported by the ICFs on a monthly basis within each quarter.

ICFs must report their inpatient days to the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities by the fifteenth day following a month’s end (e.g., Reporting on January inpatient days are due by February 15). Failure to submit the report as stated above will result in the unreported month being calculated as the ICF’s full Medicaid-certified capacity multiplied by the number of days within the month.

Inpatient days are all days in the month during which a resident, regardless of payment source, occupied a Medicaid–certified bed in an ICF, plus all Medicaid-paid bed-hold days for the month.

Inpatient days should be reported in the FPF Portal.

Invoices will be available in the portal no later than the following dates for each quarter:

First Quarter: October 31 (July through September)

Second Quarter: January 31 (October through December)

Third Quarter: April 30 (January through March)

Fourth Quarter: July 31 (April through June)

Contact icf-franchise-permit-fees@dodd.ohio.gov with any questions related to franchise permit fees.