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Billing Agent

Billing agents are employees of providers. They are not employees of the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities, the Ohio Department of Medicaid, or any other state or local agency.

DODD does not monitor or guarantee the performance of any billing agent, nor do we recommend or endorse billing agents. DODD is not responsible or liable directly or indirectly for any loss or dispute related to the use of a billing agent.

When using a billing agent, providers are still responsible for the accuracy and completeness of all claims, including those submitted by a billing agent.

Providers are also responsible for safeguarding identifiable health information, including information about the people you provide services to, including their name, Medicaid number, and Social Security Number, that your billing agent may have access to. 

Providers are required to have a signed Business Associate Agreement that explains the billing agent’s obligations for confidentiality.

Use the Provider Request for Association with a Billing Agent to authorize a billing agent to

  • submit claims on behalf of an independent or agency provider,
  • access claims files and related information such as provider weekly reports, and
  • request billing histories and other documentation to assist with maintaining accurate records

Or use this form to disassociate with a billing agent.

To become a billing agent

To become a billing agent, create an Ohio ID account by clicking the login icon at the top of your screen.  

Then complete DODD's online security affidavit

  • For Account Type select Independent or Agency Provider
  • For Request Type select Add System Access
  • Fill in your name and contact information 

Screenshot of security affidavit system

  • For Provider Type select Billing Agency
  • Type 9999999 as the Contract Number
  • Print and sign the affidavit
  • At the bottom, write Request for Billing Agent Number
  • Submit the completed form to DODD's ITS Call Center at itscallcenter@dodd.ohio.gov.

Screenshot of security affidavit system

After receiving a billing agent number, contact dodd.support@dodd.ohio.gov to be added to the department's list of billing agents. Please include your name or agency name, address, contact person, phone number and e-mail.