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What to Expect if Choosing an ICF

If you are moving into an intermediate care facility, or ICF, someone from the ICF will contact you to discuss the details of your move to the facility.

A qualified intellectual disabilities professional, known as a “Q,” will be assigned to work with you.

Your Q will

  • talk with you, your family, or other people who support you about your strengths, goals, and areas in which you need support or help from staff, known as an assessment,
  •  use the information learned from talking with you and your team to write an Individual Plan, or IP, that describes the services you can will get  in the ICF.

If, at any time, you change your mind about living in an ICF and want to consider enrolling in a waiver, contact the ICF Program Administrator at 614-644-7596 or icf.waiver@dodd.ohio.gov to either

  • request to schedule an options counseling session to learn more about home and community-based services,
  • or request a waiver. A waiver will be assigned to you, upon request, and a representative from the county board will be assigned to work with you within 30 days to begin planning for your move from the ICF.