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Attestation and Certification

Attestations and certifications are completed quarterly for each reporting period by the reporting period end date or RPED. 

ODDP attestations are also completed quarterly during the RPED for each resident who was in the facility as of the last day of the quarter. 

  • Once all residents are attested to by a certified assessor, a Certify Facility button will become available.
  • Facilities are certified when attestations are completed for each resident that lived in the facility as of the last day of the quarter.

The certification process must be completed prior to the initial due date, which is the 15th day following the RPED. For example, submissions for the RPED on December 31 are due by January 15. After the 15th day, providers may be penalized for late submissions.

Facilities are granted a 30-day grace period to make adjustments. After the grace period, facilities can no longer make changes for that RPED, and scores are finalized.

If a facility fails to certify by the end of the grace period, in this case by February 14, they will be assigned the lowest case mix score of 1.0000.

Report Period End Dates

Report period end dates, or RPED, are based on the quarters of a calendar year.

Quarter 1

RPED: March 31. Initial due date April 15. Grace period ends May 15.

Quarter 2

RPED: June 30. Initial due date July 15. Grace period ends August 14.

Quarter 3

RPED: September 30. Initial due date October 15. Grace period ends November 14.

Quarter 4

RPED: December 31. Initial due date January 15. Grace period ends February 14.