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AT-A-GLANCE Independent Provider Tips

Annual Analysis of MUIs

Only include MUIs that occurred during time that your agency staff was responsible for/serving individual, discovered an MUI or if you provide around the clock care of the individual as listed in O.A.C. 5123:17-02 (D) (1)-(3).

Make sure you include

  • Date of the review.
  • Names/titles of the person/persons who conducted the review.
  • Time span of the review:  The Annual should contain information from Jan-December 31.  
  • List of services included in your agency’s review (Residential, Vocational program, etc.)
  • Comparison data for previous 3 years: (i.e. 2015, 2016, and 2017). You should always be comparing the data from year to year to identify trends/patterns comparatively.
  • Explanation of data.
  • Data for review by major unusual incident category type; Total number of consumers being served in each program (residential, vocational, etc.)
  • Specific individuals involved in established trends and patterns (i.e., five major unusual incidents of any kind within six months, ten major unusual incidents of any kind within a year, or other pattern identified by the individual's team);
  • Previously identified trends and patterns; and
  • Action plans and preventive measures to address noted trends and patterns.


  • Include causes and contributing factors as to why trends are occurring (i.e. Johnny’s mother passed away contributing to a trend of Johnny being hospitalized for depression).
  • Review previously identified trends and patterns from the previous year and discuss the effectiveness of the action plans that were initiated. For example, Johnny received individual counseling in 2017 to help him cope with his Mother’s passing and this decreased his number of hospital admissions.
  • Be specific.

Due Dates

  • Independent provider completes by January 31.
  • Send Analysis to County Board by February 28.