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Nursing Task Inventory

County boards of developmental disabilities use the Nursing Task Inventory to determine a person's need for nursing services and service hours.

The inventory is completed during a face-to-face meeting with the person and their team. Service and support administrators complete the inventory and submit it to the department via email: tddinbox@dodd.ohio.gov.

Nursing services are provided directly to a person who requires skilled nursing services. A registered nurse (RN) or licensed practical nurse (LPN) must provide these services. Ohio's Medicaid State Plan Home Health or State Plan Private Duty Nursing should be used whenever the person's nursing needs meet the requirements or restrictions of state plan services.

Waiver nursing services should only be used whenever unpaid supports, Medicare, or private insurance benefits, if applicable, community resources, medication administration/nursing delegation, state plan nursing services, or a combination of services, cannot meet the person's nursing care needs.

Completing The Form

  • Contact the waiver person/parent(s)/guardian/authorized representative, and with the permission of the person/parent(s)/guardian/authorized representative, paid nursing provider(s) can schedule a face-to-face meeting to complete the Nursing Task Inventory form.
  • Identify each nursing task performed, including how are needs currently met; are nursing services being requested; what is the frequency of each identified task and the duration of time to complete that task; and any complicating factors of each identified task.            
  • How are current needs being met? – For every skilled task identified, select from the options available in the drop-down box to indicate how tasks are currently being completed. The drop-down options only include methods in which it is permissible to address each need.
  • If the identified nursing task requires the skills of a licensed nurse, using either Ohio Medicaid State Plan services or waiver services, select “yes” in the “Nursing Requested” column.
  • Frequency of task(s) and duration to complete each task(s) – Document the number of times per day this task is performed, and the length of time needed to complete each task in the comments section.
  • Comments Section – Document all complicating factors, or the person’s situation(s), which require the task to be performed only by a licensed nurse.
  • The last section of the form includes a schedule of the proposed nursing hours. This includes an identification of the number of visits/days and number of hours/visits for all nursing providers. Identify each visit as to the Service Type (using drop-down options), Provider Type (using drop-down options), Start/End times, and Service Provider (using drop-down options).
  • Submit the completed Nursing Task Inventory form via email to tddinbox@dodd.ohio.gov with each annual budget and/or any budget adjustment secondary to a significant change of the person’s condition.
  • DODD will review the Nursing Task Inventory form along with all other supportive documentation. The service request will be approved, denied, or designated incomplete by DODD.
  • DODD’s review and approval must be obtained before authorization is provided to the nursing provider from the county board.
  • DODD will send an email notifying the county board representative of the nursing service authorization. The county board will contact the nursing provider and update the person's service plan accordingly.
  • If DODD partially approves, or denies, a request for nursing services, DODD will send hearing rights to the person/parent/guardian in order to provide due appeal process for the request.