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Service Planning and Coordination

The Service and Support Administration Rule, OAC 5123-4-02 outlines an SSA's role and responsibilities, including:  

Coordinating Assessments

Initially, and at least every 12 months thereafter, coordinate assessment of the person with developmental disabilities.  

Developing the Plan 

Using person-centered planning, develop, review, and revise the individual service plan. known as the ISP.

Coordinating Funding 

Establish a recommendation for and obtain approval of the budget for services based on the person's assessed needs and preferred ways of meeting those needs. 

Coordinating Service Providers

Through objective facilitation, assist the person in choosing providers.

Establish and maintain contact with providers and natural supports as frequently as necessary to ensure that each provider is trained on the individual service plan and has a clear understanding of the expectations and desired outcomes of the supports being provided.

Reviewing and Revising the Plan  

Review and revise the plan at least every 12 months, or more often under circumstances outlined in the rule. 

Ongoing Coordination and Monitoring 

Provide ongoing individual service plan coordination to ensure services and supports are provided in accordance with the plan and to the benefit and satisfaction of the person, and including

  • occurring with the active participation of the person and members of the team,
  • focusing on achievement of the desired outcomes of the person,
  • balancing what is important to the person and what is important for the them,
  • examining service satisfaction, what is working for the person, and what is not working,
  • and using the plan as the fundamental tool to ensure the health and welfare of the person.