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Developmental Disabilities Profile

The Ohio Developmental Disabilities Profile is often called DDP for short. DDP is an assessment required for people who access services using the Individual Options Waiver and for people who live in an intermediate care facility, or ICF.

Once complete, the DDP arrives at a funding range that guides development of waiver-funded services in a person’s individual service plan or calculates the Resident Assessment Classification, or RAC, score for a person living in an ICF.

The DDP is not a comprehensive functional assessment. It collects a limited amount of information by asking detailed questions that help to better understand each person's needs and circumstances. It is meant to ensure that people across Ohio with similar needs receive comparable levels of funding for services. 

Completing the Assessment

The DDP assessment must take place after enrollment in an IO waiver or admission to a facility, but before service planning is complete. The DDP assessment paper tool helps evaluators collect assessment results before they are entered into the DDP app, available in the Assessment Center of MyPortal within DODD's online apps. 

Certified assessors administer the DDP. DDP Assessor training is available in DODD's MyLearning. Once DDP training has been successfully completed, including testing, the DDP Assessor role will be available in MyPortal.

Each facility CEO or Delegator will associate certified DDP assessors with their facility.

Assessments are completed by a service and support administrator or other county board of developmental disabilities staff certified as a DDP assessor for people enrolled in an IO Waiver.

DDP assessments are completed by certified DODD staff for people living in an ICF.

Additional Information for ICFs

Initial Assessments

When a new resident is admitted to an intermediate care facility, or ICF, DODD will contact the ICF and make arrangements to complete the DDP with the resident. DODD must complete the assessment within 30 days. If a new resident is in need of an assessment and DODD has not contacted the ICF to make arrangements, the ICF can request an assessment by emailing cr-icf@dodd.ohio.gov.

When an ICF resident transfers from one ICF to another, they will not need a new DDP. Their latest assessment will be available for the new ICF to review in MyPortal. 

Significant Change of Condition

After the initial assessment, DODD will conduct full re-assessment of ICF residents every three years. Any significant changes in a person's condition may be reported by ICF staff in between these assessments using the Significant Change of Condition Request, or SCOC.

Significant changes in a person's condition may be reported by ICF staff certified as a DDP assessor. The Significant Change of Condition Request is submitted through MyPortal within DODD's online apps.

Quarterly Attestation and Certification

ICFs must attest to all individual residents and certify the facility in MyPortal each quarter. DDP attestations are completed for each resident who was in the facility as of the last day of the quarter. Learn more about quarterly attestation