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Ohio Assessment for Immediate Need and Current Need

The Ohio Assessment for Immediate Need and Current Need is also known as the Waiting List Assessment. The Waiting List Assessment (WLA) focuses on identifying what services a person needs now and what services they may need in the next 12 months. A person will be placed on the waiting list for home and community-based services waivers if these needs cannot be met with county board services or other community-based services.

The Waiting List Assessment rule, OAC 5123-9-04, became effective September 1, 2018. The rule standardizes the process used by county boards statewide, implementing a single assessment to better understand a person’s need for services. The rule also defines “immediate need” and “current need.”

  • Immediate need is defined as a situation that creates a risk of substantial harm to a person, caregiver, or another person if action is not taken within 30 calendar days to reduce the risk.
  • Current need is defined as an unmet need for home and community-based services within 12 months, as determined by a county board based upon assessment of the person using the waiting list assessment tool.

More detailed definitions are available in OAC 5123-9-04.

Go to DODD MyLearning for more information on how to complete the waiting list assessment.

Submitting Assessments

Assessments can be submitted using DODD's Waiting List Assessment application.
County board staff using the paper assessment tool should send a scanned copy of the tool to the department at wla@dodd.ohio.gov within 10 calendar days from the time the paper assessment is completed. DODD will enter the assessment information within two business days.

Questions about the Waiting List Assessment

If you have questions about the Waiting List Assessment, send them to fixthelist@oacbdd.org. All questions will be answered by DODD in conjunction with the Ohio Association of County Boards of Developmental Disabilities (OACB).

The questions and answers will be maintained on the Fix the List website, fixthelist.info, and on the Waiting List Assessment Frequently Asked Questions page.