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Previous SSA & QIDP Gatherings

The Gatherings are intended to build confidence, competence and make connections for QIDPs and SSAs.


Previous QIDP and SSA Gatherings 

Watch previous gatherings by clicking the links below:

High Level Overview of OhioISP (September 2021 Gathering) 

Communication and Advocacy & Engagement Assessment Sections (October 2021 Gathering)

Safety & Security and Social & Spirituality Assessment Sections (November 2021 Gathering)

Daily Life & Employment and Community Living Assessment Sections (January 2022 Gathering)

Healthy Living Assessment Section (February 2022 Gathering)

Bridging Assessment to Planning (March 2022 Gathering)

Outcomes Part One (April 2022 Gathering)

Self-Review of Six Essential Elements (May 2022 Gathering)

Outcomes Part 2 for QIDPs (June 2022 Gathering)

Outcomes Part 2 for SSAs (June 2022 Gathering)

Technology First Initiative & the OhioISP (July 2022 Gathering)

Quality Indicators and the OhioISP for QIDPs (August 2022 Gathering)

Waiver Updates and the OhioISP for SSAs (August 2022 Gathering)

Behavior Support Rule & the OhioISP (October 2022 Gathering)