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Waiver Providers

Welcome to Onboarding OhioISP. Here you will find resources to support a smooth transition to OhioISP for you and the people you support. 

Getting Started

What is OhioISP?

OhioISP - Easy Explanation

OhioISP Overview Training for providers - Register to watch the recording

When to get started with OhioISP

Reach out to your County Board contact to ask when they plan to begin onboarding the OhioISP. 

How to get started with OhioISP

Welcome letter for individuals and their teams

You will always be able to use DODD's OhioISP Online regardless of how the County Boards plan to complete OhioISPs: OhioISP Flow Chart

If you don't already have an account with DODD, use the information below to get started: 

OH|ID & DODD Account Creation and Login Guide


Onboarding OhioISP Online

OhioISP Online Access

Use the OhioISP Waiver Provider Access and Roles Guide to get started in DODD's OhioISP Online system. 

Develop and implement a communication plan with agency staff (direct support professionals, managers, program directors, etc.) and vendors of the agency about the OhioISP and the changes they will see.

OhioISP "How-To" Videos

Onboarding Support

There are several ways to receive support as you are onboarding:

1. Email us

Email ohioisp@dodd.ohio.gov, for questions or concerns regarding:

  • OhioISP process and template 
  • DODD's IT systems (logging in, setting up an account, using the OhioISP Online, etc.)

Contact your third-party vendor for any questions related to the systems they have developed. (OhioISPs will be developed in their systems and then will transmit to DODD's system.)

2. IT Support

  • Issues with access to DODD applications: Contact the ITS Call Center at 800.617.6733 option 4 or email 
  • OhioISP Online Support Sessions - schedule coming soon