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Intermediate Care Facilities (ICF)

Welcome to Onboarding OhioISP. Here you will find resources to support a smooth transition to OhioISP for you, individuals you serve, and their teams. 

Getting Started

What is OhioISP?

OhioISP - Easy Explanation

OhioISP Overview Training for providers - Register to watch the recording

When and how your agency plans to onboard

There are two options for onboarding the OhioISP:

  1. OhioISP Online - DODD's free online system
  2. OhioISP Online via a third-party vendor - your agency will input OhioISPs into a vendor's system, which will later transmit to DODD's system

Once you've made your selection, please review the appropriate onboarding checklist document below:

Onboarding Checklist for ICFs using OhioISP Online

Onboarding Checklist for ICFs using a Third-Party Vendor

Training & Support

All QIDPs need to complete OhioISP Training Parts 1-3. 

QIDPs should attend Regional Support Gatherings  and monthly office hours to discuss OhioISP and other trending topics. The Gatherings are intended to build confidence, competence and make connections for QIDPs and SSAs.

Onboarding Planning

Develop and implement a communication plan for all stakeholders (individuals, guardians/families, etc.) to inform them of the transition to OhioISP and how this transition will affect them.

Onboarding OhioISP Online 

Onboarding Packet - Use for OhioISP Online, DODD's system

Use the Full Onboarding Guide for ICFs, a document that explains how to onboard with the OhioISP Online system, including built-in links to all the documents you will need to complete the onboarding process. 

Additional resources to share with individuals and their teams:

OhioISP "How-To" Videos

OhioISP Online - "How-To" Playlist

QIDPs and other ICF employees may watch the full playlist below or select from the playlist here. Each video is three minutes or less.

OhioISP How-To Resources

OhioISP Online SSA & QIDP Dashboard User Guide

Ohio ISP Online SSA and QIDP Tip Sheet

Onboarding OhioISP with Third-Party Vendor

Onboarding Packet - use with OhioISP third-party vendor

Using a third-party vendor still requires accessing DODD's online system first. Use the Full Onboarding Guide for ICFs to complete the required steps. 

Additional resources to share with individuals and their teams:

Onboarding Support

There are several ways to receive support as you are onboarding:

1. Email us

Email ohioisp@dodd.ohio.gov, for questions or concerns regarding:

  • OhioISP process and template 
  • DODD's IT systems (logging in, setting up an account, using the OhioISP Online, etc.)

Contact your third-party vendor for any questions related to the systems they have developed. (OhioISPs will be developed in their systems and then will transmit to DODD's system.)

2. QIDPs Attend a Regional Gathering

Plan to join a monthly regional gathering to ask questions

3. IT Support

  • Issues with access to DODD applications: Contact the ITS Call Center at 800.617.6733 option 4 or email 
  • Join a live session for assistance with your account, getting started with OhioISP Online, and OhioISP Online user support - OhioISP Online Support Sessions