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Office of Compliance

Office of Compliance

DODD’s Office of Compliance provides support and oversight to county boards of developmental disabilities and providers that deliver services to thousands of Ohioan and their families.  

Regulatory Support

  • Compliance conducts regulatory reviews of county boards, licensed facilities, and waiver providers. This includes oversight of reviews conducted by CBs and COGs.
  • There are routine reviews which are conducted once during each certification period or term of accreditation or licensure. 
  • Special reviews are conducted in response to concerns related to health and welfare that are received through complaints or major unusual incidents. 

Contact us at Compliance@dodd.ohio.gov614-466-6670, or 1-800-617-6733 option 6


Meet the Management Team

  • Lisa Burt - Assistant Deputy Director
  • Hannah Howard - Administrative Assistant 
  • Jennie Saxton - Sanctions Manager
  • Vanessa Prather - Communications/Training

Regions 1 &2 Managers

  • Angel Morgan - Compliance Review
  • Tina Haggerty - Accreditation

Region 3 Managers

  • Kristi Williams - Compliance Review
  • Tina Haggerty - Accreditation

Region 4 Managers

  • Kristi Williams - Compliance Review
  • Katie Willi - Accreditation

Regions 5 & 6 Managers

  • Julie Gregg - Compliance Review
  • Katie Willi - Accreditation