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DODD 2022 Annual Report

DODD 2022 Annual Report

The past year, we have experienced many challenges, opportunities, and successes. I am pleased to share much of this work through the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities Fiscal Year 2022 Annual Report.

Since I was appointed Director of the Department in January 2022, I have been humbled to lead a team of passionate and skillful people, from around the state, that truly cares about the people we support. Former Director Jeff Davis navigated our agency through a very difficult time and had many strategic advancements throughout his time as director. He was and still is an ardent advocate for Ohio’s DD system and I am happy to continue many of the initiatives he started.

Hearing from those we support and partner with has been a top priority during my time as director. I began a journey to visit each of Ohio’s 88 counties to hear about successes, difficulties, and ways DODD can better support the DD system. While each visit is unique, it has been great to hear innovative and creative ideas from those on the local level. The Department will continue to seek feedback to enhance our programs and work with our partners. It has been an inspiring experience and I am looking forward to more visits in the future.

At DODD, we appreciate the support we have received from Governor Mike DeWine. Under

his leadership, we have been able to make significant investments in housing for people with developmental disabilities, and we have collaborated with other cabinet-level agencies to better support youth with complex needs and increase the use of technology.

In this report, you will read about our key initiatives and accomplishments. What makes these all possible are the people behind them and the many voices that provide valuable input to DODD. While there is always more work to be done, I am pleased with the Department’s progress and excited about the future.

I look forward to working together,

Kimberly K. Hauck, Director