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DODD 2021 Annual Report

DODD 2021 Annual Report

I am pleased to share with you the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD) Annual Report for State Fiscal Year 2021. Like many of you, I could not have imagined the impact the COVID-19 pandemic had on Ohio and the world. I remain grateful for the collective efforts that have strengthened the DD system during these unprecedented times. Following the leadership of Governor Mike DeWine, the whole DD system collaboratively stepped up to the many challenges presented by the pandemic to continue to place the health and safety of Ohioans with developmental disabilities and their families as our top priority. I am also proud to share that Ohio’s DD system received national recognition for the prioritized response and coordinated efforts that helped keep the people we serve as healthy and as safe as possible.

Despite challenging times for all, DODD has many program highlights and successes to share in this year’s report. Last year we introduced the 2020-2021 organizational strategic plan, which was created to ensure our programs and initiatives embodied our core values and enriched the experiences of those we serve and their families. Today we are happy to report on that progress. We completed 19 initiatives and have met or exceeded 28 key performance indicators outlined in our plan.

While we are pleased with this progress, we realize there is much more work to be done. We’ve learned, and we’ve listened throughout the past year and have prioritized these lessons and feedback into our 2022-2023 strategic priorities. We are committed to working with our system partners to build on our progress, enhancing our system through technology and innovation, and finding creative solutions to the many challenges exuberated and made more prominent by the pandemic.

I hope as you review this report and reflect on this past year you are as appreciative as I am of the incredible work and sacrifice of so many who have done so much to carry us through the pandemic. We are in this together and will move forward together.

Jeff Davis