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Memo Monday: April 6, 2020

This edition of Memo Monday includes:

DODD Grant Opportunities Withdrawn 

Governor Mike DeWine called for budget reductions in his press conference on March 23 in order to mitigate the decline in state revenue expected as an outcome of the coronavirus (COVID-19) state of emergency. DODD is awaiting guidance from the Office of Budget and Management regarding the implementation and scale of these budget reductions for the department.

DDP, IAF Assessments Suspended for ICFs 

As a reminder, in response to COVID-19, the department has suspended Ohio Developmental Disabilities Profile (ODDP) assessments for intermediate care facilities (ICFs) until further notice.

Guidance: Quality Incentive Program for ICFs 

DODD is preparing for the proposed rule for the intermediate care facilities Quality Incentive Program to go through rule clearance, with a target approval date of July 1, 2020. This guidance provides a reminder of the planned timelines.

FAQ: Medicaid Telehealth Updates

DODD would like to assist intermediate care facilities in establishing successful telehealth agreements with their Medicaid providers. The Ohio Department of Medicaid has released a Frequently Asked Questions outlining updates to OAC 5160-1-21 allowing telehealth services during a state of emergency in addition to those covered under OAC 5160-1-18.