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New Year, New Roles at DODD

Greetings and happy new year.

I am truly excited and humbled to be in the role of director and have the opportunity to continue our work together. The past year was not without its significant challenges and the coming year promises more will arise. I know that together as a system we can meet these challenges and continue collaboration to better support people with developmental disabilities and their families. 

I want to thank DSPs and everyone who has worked this holiday season through difficult situations to provide the support and essential services our system requires.  I thank the families who have provided additional care and assistance for their loved ones through these tough times.  I thank the people with disabilities and advocates who have made their voices heard and pushed our service delivery system to be creative and think differently about how their supports can be delivered.  And I thank all of you who have endured a global pandemic and have not lost sight of our shared values and goals.

I am looking forward to what we can accomplish together.  We as a department want to better understand your experiences, your perspectives, and your barriers.  We want to hear from people with disabilities, families, guardians, providers, DSPs, county boards, and advocates.  Please do not ever hesitate to reach out to us with your questions, your comments, or your concerns.  We want to learn from you and partner with you.

In light of my new role, I have made a couple of well-deserved appointments to DODD’s leadership team.

Steve Beha has been named Deputy Director of Policy and Strategic Direction. The division will continue to comprise many of the department’s initiatives including early childhood, multi-system youth, employment first, technology first as well as DSP and family-centered projects.

Diane Fox has been named Assistant Deputy Director for the Division of Policy and Strategic Direction. In this role, Diane will lead the early childhood work for the department including supervision and oversight of our early intervention program as well as our collaborative early childhood work with ODE, JFS, MH, Medicaid, and other state partners.

Jeremiah Wagner has been named Deputy Director of External Relations. This newly created division includes legislative and governmental affairs, media relations, communications, and our training development efforts.

These changes will add great value to an established leadership team that I am proud to work side-by-side with every day.

Again, I look forward to continuing all the work we have together in this new year, and I am thankful for the opportunity to do it with all of you.

Kim Hauck, Director