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Announcement of Quarterly Payments to Retain DSPs

The Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD) is excited to announce that federal approval has been received to proceed with an investment by Ohio's county boards of developmental disabilities to support the direct support professional (DSP) workforce. The goal of this investment is to assist Ohio's developmental disabilities system in addressing the workforce crisis through retention incentives for DSPs.  

County boards, with a federal match, will generate approximately $143 million annually for retention payments to the DSP workforce.  

Retention payments will be distributed quarterly from DODD to participating providers, and providers will then send retention payments to each eligible DSP. On a quarterly basis, participating providers will be required to report certain data elements and attest that the funds were used in accordance with all requirements. Independent providers are eligible for payments and will not need to opt-in or report to participate. Waiver providers, including independent providers, of the following services are eligible for the payments:  

·    Homemaker/Personal Care (HPC);  

·    HPC - Daily Billing Unit;  

·    HPC - Participant-Directed;  

·    On-Site/On-Call;  

·    Shared Living;  

·    Non-Medical Transportation;  

·    Transportation;  

·    Adult Day Support;  

·    Career Planning;  

·    Group Employment Support;  

·    Vocational Habilitation; and  

·    Individual Employment Support.  

This announcement comes after a proposal lead by Ohio’s county boards of developmental disabilities and the Ohio Association of County Boards of Developmental Disabilities (OACB). County boards and OACB worked in collaboration with DODD, the DODD Workforce Crisis Task Force, the Ohio Provider Resource Network, Ohio Health Care Association, Ohio Waiver Network, Values and Faith Alliance, and the Arc of Ohio, in development of this proposal to invest local funds to support the DSP workforce.  

DODD will continue to work with OACB, county boards, and provider organizations on an implementation plan. DODD is engaging stakeholders to develop an administrative rule to implement this initiative. DODD will issue a frequently asked questions document that will be continually updated, and  will share developments and additional details, including the anticipated date of first payments, as the process continues.