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Guidance: Intermediate Care Facilities Update

This is intended to modify previous guidance about requesting prior authorization for bed hold days during the COVID-19 state of emergency in Ohio. In a previous guidance issued March 15, 2020 the following was stated:

“DODD will waive the requirement for prior authorization of additional bed hold days as required by OAC 5123:2-7-08, effective March 13, 2020, until further notice. Intermediate Care Facilities (ICF) providers will be responsible for entering bed hold days used during this period prior to year-end. Please contact cr-icf@dodd.ohio.gov with any questions.”

Any requests for prior authorization which were submitted and approved prior to the date of this updated guidance remain approved for the time period requested.

Effective immediately, prior authorization requests for individuals who are residing off-site during the state of emergency will only be granted in 30 day increments. The provider may continue to submit additional requests for prior authorization as needed in 30 day increments when the individual confirms they intend to return to the ICF at the end of the state of emergency.There is no limit to the number of 30 day prior authorization requests that can be submitted. 

Each request for prior authorization must include the following information in the “Explanation for need” section

  • confirmation that the individual intends to return to the ICF after the state of emergency ends,
  • where the individual is residing during the state of emergency,
  • and a brief explanation of arrangements made for required care and services while the individual is off-site

This policy and procedure will remain in place through the state of emergency in Ohio.