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Blackout Dates for Provider Services Management System

As was announced in May 2022, the Ohio Department of Medicaid (ODM) will roll out a single-entry Provider Network Module (PNM) in October 2022.  DODD's Provider Services Management (PSM) system will directly interface with PNM, which will become the single-entry point for all DODD providers.  In preparation for this implementation, PSM will be undergoing modifications for PNM to become the single-entry point.  As a result, it is necessary for DODD to stop accepting applications.    The last date to submit applications and the associated application type are listed below:

  • 06/30/2022 Initial applications for agency providers, and for ICF Change of Operator (CHOP)
  • 08/05/2022 Initial Applications for independent providers and renewals for ALL providers. This also includes add-ons, and demographic changes.
  • 08/24/2022 Voluntary Withdrawal and Self-Service (ie. Email and phone updates, etc.) applications.

It is important to keep these dates in mind as these applications must be submitted in PSM no later than the date identified above. 

Only applications that are complete, with all required and correct documentation, including submission of supplemental applications, will be processed after the dates identified above. On the dates identified above, all draft applications will be deleted from PSM.  For any incomplete or draft applications, Providers and/or applicants will need to re-start their application process in PNM after it goes live in October 2022.

DODD realizes that there may be emergencies that arise and will require urgent processing. DODD will work with these providers and ODM on a case-by-case basis to address.

If you have questions regarding PSM, please email provider.certification@dodd.ohio.gov.

If you have questions regarding licensure development, please email licensuredevelopmentapps@dodd.ohio.gov.

If you have questions regarding PNM, please send to the dedicated Provider Network Module email box at PNMCommunications@medicaid.ohio.gov.