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Updated Transportation Rules Effective February 1

State Fiscal Year 2020-2021 budget investments of $26.3 million allowed for changes to modernize Ohio’s transportation reimbursement system so people with developmental disabilities can better get to work, school, and around their communities. 

The rule includes vehicle requirement changes and simplified certification requirements to encourage additional providers to serve people in all areas of the state.

This targeted investment creates a new rate for modified vehicles, along with an increase in the mileage rate for providers using non-modified vehicles. Additionally, Non-Medical Transportation can now be used to get to a volunteer activity, an internship, or a post-secondary educational program. Previously, Non-Medical Transportation could only be used to and from place of employment or location of service.

Rules for both transportation services are changing, effective February 1, 2020: Non-Medical Transportation (OAC 5123-9-18) and Transportation (OAC 5123-9-24).

Any provider or county board with questions may contact nyoka.craddolph@dodd.ohio.gov or the Medicaid Services System (MSS) mailbox at MSSSupport@dodd.ohio.gov.

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