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Rate Automation: NMT, Transportation

DODD will conduct another automated rate change for the new Non-Medical Transportation (NMT) and Transportation services that will go into effect February 1, 2020.

The consent form will open at 6 AM December 20 and remain open until 4 PM January 09. County boards will be permitted to choose to allow DODD to run only finalization/authorization or to run finalization/authorization and Payment Authorization of Waiver Services (PAWS) submission.

DODD will only be running this rate automation one time. Please be sure you have consented within the time frame as noted above.

Once DODD has received consent, DODD will run the automated rate change process for people with disabilities who have payment authorizations that meet all following criteria:

  • NMT mileage and/or Transportation mileage are authorized,
  • the waiver span crosses February 1, 2020,
  • the waiver is in an enrolled status,
  • and the plan is enrolled and finalization was conducted prior to December 20, 2019.

When the rate automation is processed by DODD, the Vehicle Type will be defaulted to Non-Modified Vehicle, and the costs will be projected at the Non-Modified Vehicle rates. If the Vehicle Type should be Modified, the county board will need to access the record, select “Modified” under the drop-down and rerun the site in order for costs to be projected at the higher rates.

The rate automation will run from 4 PM January 10, 2020, and finish 8 AM January 13, 2020. During this time, the Medicaid Services System (MSS) will be down and unavailable to all users.

With questions, contact Jessica McGonigle at jessica.mcgonigle@dodd.ohio.gov.