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Kit: DSP Recruitment

Direct support professionals (DSPs) are people who work directly with people with developmental disabilities. This toolkit is intended to help recruit DSPs via social media, newsletters, and events. 

Here are some example social media posts:

  • Is starting a job as a Direct Support Professional the right move for you? Watch what it takes to be a successful DSP and learn where to apply! 
  • Home from school and looking for a job that will help prepare you for your future career aspirations? Ohioans with disabilities need daily support. For a rewarding and flexible job, visit ohiomeansjobs.com and search "DSP". 
  • Looking for a meaningful way to earn income? Become a DSP! Direct support professionals provide daily support to people with disabilities. Apply today at ohiomeansjobs.com  and search "DSP." 

Other information to help recruit

  • Being a DSP is a meaningful position part-time or full-time position. Maybe it is a step on your career journey or maybe it is a permanent career – either way, DSPs have the ability to positively impact the lives of those with developmental disabilities.  
  • Skills that can be learned as a DSP include:
    • Staying calm in stressful situations
    • Enabling independence
    • Maintaining safety for others
    • Administering medication
    • Working with medical professionals
    • Managing medical equipment
    • Understanding the needs of others
    • Deescalating situations
    • Hands-on experiences with  people with developmental disabilities
    • Respecting basic human and civil rights
    • Communicating with various people
    • Documenting important medical information 
    • Understanding social services and public assistance
  • Future career paths could include:
    • Educator
    • Nurse
    • Physical therapy
    • Police officer
    • Psychologist
    • Social worker
    • And more!