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Kit: Suicide Prevention

Suicide Prevention Social Media Fast Facts:

  • People with disabilities, families, direct support professionals, supervisors, co-workers, and everyone else in Ohio's support system can benefit from some additional connection right now. Checking-in with someone and making a difference is easy. https://bit.ly/3kDNgAe
  • A singe contact can make all the difference. If you suspect someone you care for is going through a rough time, reaching out is the first step to providing the help they may need. You can be the one who initiates the connection that could potentially save a life. 
  • DODD encourages all system partners to check-in with each other, with the families in their networks, and with the people they are supporting. Stay updated with new information and useful tools using the Mental Wellness resource featuring Dr. Julie Gentile. https://bit.ly/3rkZgaW
  • Everyone plays a role in preventing suicide! Learn the warning signs, equip yourself with resources like the ones in this video, and reach out to check on people in your life. https://bit.ly/3rkZgaW
  • Mindfulness apps are an easy way to help with mental wellness. Check out a list of these helpful apps here: https://bit.ly/3rkZgaW

Additional Resources: 

Use #MentalWellness, #MentalHealth, and #SuicidePrevention

Centers for Disease Control and Prevnetino (CDC) Coping with Stress

Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services Mental Wellness Resources

DODD COVID-19 Mental Health Resources

Suicide Prevention and Mental Wellness Webinar with Dr. Julie Gentile and Connie McLaughlin